JUNE 14-16, 2017


From June 14-16, 2017 Fordham University will host a three-day seminar exploring the connections between wisdom and adversity.  

Seminar Schedule

Some central questions include: What is wisdom, and how might it be measured or promoted?  Why is it that some experiences of adversity lead to wisdom while others are more purely negative?  How can we cultivate character traits that help to promote wisdom from adversity?


Seminar Organizers

Laura Blackie (Psychology, Nottingham)

Stephen R. Grimm (Philosophy, Fordham)

Eranda Jayawickreme (Psychology, Wake Forest)

Discussion Leaders

Jason Baehr (Philosophy, Loyola Marymount)

Michael Brady (Philosophy, Glasgow)

Don Davis (Psychology, Georgia State)

Judith Glück (Psychology, Klagenfurt)

Howard Nusbaum (Psychology, Chicago)

Margaret Plews-Ogan (Medicine, Virginia)

Paul O' Grady (Philosophy, Trinity College, Dublin)

Seminar Participants

Monika Ardelt (Sociology, Florida)

Bill Chopik (Psychology, Michigan State)

Michel Ferrari (Psychology, Toronto)

Georgi Gardiner (Philosophy, Rutgers)

Igor Grossmann (Psychology, Waterloo)

Ian Kidd (Philosophy, Nottingham)

Will Kynes (Theology, Whitworth)

Robert McGrath (Psychology, Fairleigh Dickinson)

Emily McRae (Philosophy, New Mexico)

Kate McLean (Psychology, Western Washington)

Stephen Pope (Theology, Boston College)

Tenelle Porter (Psychology, UC Davis)

Julia Staffel (Philosophy, Washington Univ.)

Ursula Renz (Philosophy, Klagenfurt)

Eric Yang (Philosophy, Santa Clara)


Please direct all questions about the seminar to Stephen R. Grimm:

The seminar is made possible by a generous grant from the Templeton Religion Trust.