Epistemology & Ethics Workshops

The Epistemology and Ethics group is composed of faculty and graduate students at Fordham and other nearby universities.  Papers are read in advance, so the majority of the time is devoted to questions and discussion.

Location: Plaza Room, 12th Floor, Lowenstein Bldg., 114 West 60th Street.  If interested in attending please contact: sgrimm@fordham.edu

2015-2016 Speakers

Sept 15 Miriam Schoenfield (Texas/NYU)

Sept 29  Jennifer Morton (CCNY)

Oct 20  John Greco (St. Louis) 

Nov 10  Alvin Goldman (Rutgers)

Feb 16  Elisabeth Camp (Rutgers)

March 29  Julia Staffel (Washington University, St. Louis)

April 12  Christian Miller (Wake Forest)


[For the 2016-2017 lineup, and the home of the Fordham E&E Workshops going forward, see here!]

Since the group began in the fall of 2011, speakers have included: Ruth Chang (Rutgers), Macalester Bell (Columbia), Trent Dougherty (Baylor), Bennett Foddy (Oxford), Allan Hazlett (Edinburgh), Japa Pallikkathayil (Pittsburgh), Stephen Hetherington (New South Wales), Shelly Kagan (Yale), Thomas Kelly (Princeton), Ram Neta (North Carolina), Michael Smith (Princeton), Ernest Sosa (Rutgers), Sharon Street (NYU), Jason Baehr (Loyola Marymount), John Bengson (Wisconsin), Alice Crary (New School), Jane Friedman (NYU), Philip Kitcher (Columbia), Sarah McGrath, (Princeton), Holly Smith (Rutgers), Daniel Star (Boston University), Gerard Vong (Fordham), Selim Berker (Harvard), Stephen Darwall (Yale), Elizabeth Harman (Princeton), Hilary Kornblith (UMass), Adrienne Martin (University of Pennsylvania), Samuel Scheffler (NYU), Karen Stohr (Georgetown), Katja Vogt (Columbia), Gideon Rosen (Princeton), Katia Vavova (Mount Holyoke), Sari Kisilevsky (CUNY), David Velleman (NYU), Lisa Miracchi (Penn), Jason Stanley (Yale), Christopher Tucker (William & Mary), and Terence Cuneo (Vermont)

See below for memories of past sessions.  [all photos by the talented Gerard Vong]